Mortgage Payment

DAS Acquisition Company partners with other major financial institutions for payment administration, also referred to as loan servicing.  What this means for you is that shortly after your loan is finalized, a new institution will begin collecting your payments, handling your escrow accounts, and answering your questions.  We understand the transfer of servicing may cause confusion on where to send your mortgage payments.  Don’t worry!  We have you covered.

All this means for you is that a new institution will be collecting your payemnt, handling your escrow accounts, and answering your questions.  You loan amount, interest rate, and payment schedule will remain the same.  Only one change will be made - where to send your monthly mortgage payment.

You should have received 2 payment coupons at closing payable to DAS Acquisition Company, LLC.

Your 1st payment should be made payable to "DAS Acquisition Company, LLC" and mailed to the address below:

DAS Acquisition Company, LLC
Attn: Accounting Department
12140 Woodcrest Executive, Suite 150
St. Louis, MO 63141

Once your loan servicing has been transferred, you will receive a letter from both DAS Acquisition Company and the partner financial institution indicating where to mail your payments going forward.  Please continue making your monthly payment to DAS Acquisition Company until your first payment is due to the new institution.

Don’t worry!  We have you covered.  DAS Acquisition Company will forward your payment to the partner financial institution.

Don’t worry!  DAS Acquisition Company will work with the partner financial institution to receive payment.  DAS Customer Service will contact you if anything further is needed.

The switch between servicers should be smooth.  However, the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (RESPA) grants homeowners a short grace period post transfer to protect borrowers who send their mortgage payments to their old servicers accidentally.  As long as DAS Acquisition Company or the partner financial institution receives your payment by the due date, you will not be assessed a penalty.

Yes!  USA Mortgage now offers you the ability to pay online with an electronic check.  You can make your payment online at: 

Questions? Please contact your Loan Officer or DAS Customer Service.
DAS Customer Service (314) 628-2213